Common Name: American Red Elm, Slippery Elm, Soft Elm
Scientific Name: Ulmus Rubra
Family: Ulmaceae
Origin: Eastern to Midwest United States

Red Elm can be found in a limited quantity both in the form of lumber and veneers, because Red Elm trees are subjected to an infection called Dutch Elm Disease. Red Elm trees can reach a height of 30 metres and are characterized by large logs. This makes it possible to obtain large veneer leaves that well suit architectural projects. Red Elm trees can live even 100 years.

Red Elm has an evident grain and its pattern mainly consists of straight grains. The English name “Red Elm” comes from the reddish-brown color of the hardwood, while the sapwood is white. Red Elm is a high-hardness wood, it is durable and flexible. It is similar to Walnut, but it is not related to the Walnut family.

Red Elm is used for fine furniture, panels for Interior Design, and floors. It is suitable for refined and delicate projects such as inlaid furniture, decorative objects and frames.

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