Common Name: Amboina, Narra, Amboyna, Amboine.
Scientific Name: Pterocarpus indicus
Family: Leguminosae Papilionaceae
Origin: South-East Asia, Indonesia, India.

Amboyna Burl comes from the Narra tree, a member of the padauk family. It is an exotic tree that grows in the area between India and East Asia. Amboyina is considered one of the most beautiful and precious burls, also due to its scarce availability. Amboyna Burl is one of the most exclusive and coveted woods.

Amboyna Burl is characterized by the renowned red-orange color, and by the snow white sapwood. Its color combined with the gold and brown tones give the wood a very elegant and exotic appearance, and make it one of the most valued and unmistakable forest’s species. Amboyna is a dense, medium-hard and resistant wood. It smells pleasantly while working.

Amboyna Burl is used in Interior Design projects, in Car Interiors, Aircraft and Yacht Interiors. Its scarce availability and its beauty make Amboyna a very refined and precious wood. For this reason, it was also the first figured veneer to be used in Rolls Royce dashboards. It is also used in high hand show knives.

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