Madrone Burl
Common name: Madrone
Scientific Name: Arbutus menziesii
Family: Arbutaceae
Origin: North America (Pacific Northwest from Canada to Mexico)

Madrone burl grows on the root of the tree and is harvested by removing the tree and roots from the ground. Madrone burls are bumps that are usually visible on the trunk or at the base of the tree. The production process consists in a rotating system squaring the burl, which is sheared and fixed to a rotating axis that progressively gets closer to a blade.

It has a compact texture given by the slow and irregular growth of the trunk. Its visible and prominent medullary rays create its unique pattern, which is usually tight and even, and the color is generally consistent across the sheet.

Madrone Burl is used for decorative panels in Interior Design, Car Interior Design, boxes, jewel boxes and cigar boxes.