Common Name: European Black Poplar, European Aspen, Italian Poplar, Popple or Poplar in the USA and Canada
Scientific Name: Populus spp.
Family: Salicaceae
Origin: Europe, Asia, America

Mappa trees can be found up to an elevation of 2000 metres, even if they usually grow on flat and moist lands. Its trunk can reach a height of 30 metres and a diameter of 40 cm. In Po Valley Mappa is subjected to intensive farming, and, thanks to its high growth rate, it is used to produce paper factory paste, chipboard panels, plywoods and sawed for packaging. Mappa Burl is obtained from the tree base, but also from its trunk through peeling. The manufacturing process of this wood requires particular care, and our artisans always ensure the best treatment to obtain the best results.

Mappa Burl has a unique decorative aspect thanks to the contrast between the white wood and the dark yellow burled parts. It is used in decorative panels in Interior Design, luxury furnishings, inlay works and moldings.

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