Common Name: Myrtle Burl
Scientific Name: Myrtus communis
Family: Myrtaceae
Origin: South Europe and Middle East

Myrtle is an evergreen tree that includes ca. 3000 species located in tempered, tropical and subtropical regions. It has the form of a shrub and can grow up to 2 metres high. Myrtle is a heavy compact wood with a variable fibre. When being worked it has a strong spicy odour. Myrtle Burl has a colour that varies from light nut to light reddish brown. Its sapwood and heartwood are not clearly differentiated. Its grain can be straight, irregular or wavy. Myrtle Burl has a uniform texture and is characterized by a low natural lustre.

Myrtle Burls is easily workable even if it is a heavy wood. This burl is one of the finest and is used in luxury furnishings and decorative objects. It is also used in turnery and carving works.

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