Common Name: Eucalyptus Burl, Brown Mallee
Scientific Name: Eucalyptus dumosa
Family: Myrtaceae
Origin: Australia

Eucalyptus Burl has a unique figure. It comes from Australia, where Eucalyptus trees can reach up to a height of 45-90 metres, depending on the climate and growth conditions. Many of the Eucalyptus burls that can be found in the market are not real burls, meaning that they come from a bump that grows outside the tree. Our Eucalyptus Burls are real burls that come from the Australian Eucalyptus. Their availability is limited, this is why it is considered such a fine and rare material. Eucalyptus Burl is characterized by a peculiar color and by highly decorative grains. Burls can be found in a wide range of colors’ varieties: yellow, brown, red and pink. Such peculiarity let this rare lumber offer a natural and artistic palette. Its sapwood is white.

The Eucalyptus Burl’s pattern is highly evident and decorative. The varnishing and polishing processes are suitable to highlight the burly texture. This wood is hard, heavy and oily, and for this reason it can be easily used for complex and decorative applications.

Eucalyptus Burl is used in Architecture and Interior Design for decorative projects, fine furniture and kitchens.

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