Common Name: Masur Birch, Kirelian Birch, Alpine Burl, Norway Birch
Scientific Name: Betula pendula Family: Betulaceae
Origin: Northern Europe, specifically between Finland and Russia

Birch Burl is a very exclusive wood which originates from the slow growth of Birch tree. It is characterized by singular patterns that derive from some flaws created inside the trunk. Birch wood is, indeed, very sensible to climate changes and it is frequently subjected to insects infestation and fungus proliferation. This way, nature provides the wood with special patterns.

Birch trees grow throughout Europe in small wooded groups and in mixed woods. The main plantations for the production of shearing logs are located in Sweden, Finland and Russia. The dimensions of birch trunks are modest and it is difficult to find trunks suitable for slicing. For this reason, a method called “derullare” is used to obtain birch sheets: the trunk is peeled along its entire circumference and large birch sheets with irregular flamed veins are obtained. The structure of the wood has a low porosity and it is extremely smooth. For this reason, Birch is suitable for stain and for both bright and opaque finish. Birch sheets also suit the inlay processing for the decoration of luxury furniture, even with the use of geometric figures.

Birch Burl is used for Interior Design applications, for the production of luxury furniture, and for the manufacture of knife handles in Scandinavia.

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