California Walnut Burl
Common Name: California Walnut Burl
Scientific Name: Juglans Californica S. Wats
Family: Juglandaceae
Origin: USA, West Coast from South California to Oregon

California Walnut Burl was born from the graft between American Walnut and European Walnut. In the grafting point American Walnut distorts and enlarges itself, generating the renowned California Walnut Burl, which has always been one of the most demanded fine burls.

The decorative aspect of California Walnut Burl has made it one of the most precious and timeless materials. It is used in Interior Design, luxury cars and yachts’ interiors, and for the production of luxury furniture.

Our selection of California Walnut Burl includes raw material, layons cut and jointed to size and jointed panels for Automotive trim parts.