For more than 70 years we have been involved in the research and supply of fine burls and veneers for our clients. Our work is characterized by the selection of high-quality woods, elegance, and the expertise of our artisans. Tradition, innovation and sustainability have been guiding our company since 1947.


We aim to provide our customers with the finest wood veneers and burls, establishing ourselves as the leading international company in the production and supply of high quality precious woods.


Our history begins in the After war, when Renzo Sforza, expert in the Walnut wood trade, travelled from Italy to America and began a new business for the European market. His great knowledge and passion for fine materials brought Renzo’s business to the forefront of the international sphere, preserving the excellence and craftsmanship typical of the artisanal tradition. Since then, the business has passed through three generations that have been involved in the production of burls and veneers, selecting the finest woods.
Now, the expertise acquired over years of experience on national and international markets has been brought to the service of our renowned clientele, with a quality selection of skillfully manufactured products. Our work is guided by expertise, craftsmanship and care of our woods and our clients. In Trasfor tradition meets innovation to give birth to stunning and refined projects. We can offer large quantities of woods preserving craftsmanship and care for each project.
Trasfor offers a wide selection of semi-finished handcrafted products ready for use. Veneers are cut and jointed to size according to our customer specifications. The main business sectors in which we operate are Interior Design, Automotive Design, Yacht Design, Aircraft Design and luxury furniture. Trasfor offers customized consulting services to designers and decorators. Discover our services in the section
Redwood burl cutted by Trasfor in 1977


Our work is guided by sustainability and respect for the environment. The activities of wood harvesting, cutting and commercializing that are involved in our production chain are conducted within the legal limits and they don’t violate any human rights. We act with respect towards the local traditions and the environments with a high preservation value. We don’t introduce genetically modified organisms in our forestry activities and we use natural forest areas without altering their original nature. Our entire production chain respects the Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work (1998) by the International Labour Organisation. Our work does not alter the characteristics of raw materials and preserve the fineness of our woods by respecting the naturalness of the materials in each step of our working process. The quality of our work is guaranteed by then certifications FSCⓇ.
Trasfor offers its customers veneers obtained implementing and maintaining a chain of custody management system in accordance with the FSCⓇ standard.


Sustainability guides our work during all the steps of our producing process, providing sustainable veneers and burls. We particularly care about the selection of products certified FSCⓇ.


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