Rosewood (East Indian)

Common Name: Blackwood, Bombay blackwood, Roseta rosewood, Black rosewood
Scientific Name: Dalbergia latifolia, Amerimnon latifolium
Family: Fabaceae
Color: Dark brown, purple, and black
Origin: East India, South Asia, Sri Lanka
Hardness: Primarily hard
Texture: Coarse texture with interlocked grain
Finishing: Readily accepts stains and finishes
Restrictions: This species is regulated by CITES
If you're talking about rare woods, you have to mention East Indian rosewood. The lumber trade from wild harvested rosewood ceased nearly a hundred years ago. It is also a very slow growing tree that can be primarily found in the rain forest areas of India. Some repairable end splits and small checks should be expected as this is a somewhat fragile veneer.

Other trade names: Rosewood, East Indian Rosewood (GB), Palisandre de l’Inde (F), Ostindicher Palisander (D), Palisandro (E), Sonokeling(Indonesia), Trac, Chingchan (Vietnam)

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