Birch Burl

Common Name:Masur Birch, Kirelian Birch, Alpine Burl, Norway Birch
Scientific Name:Betula pendula
Color:Creamy white with tan "flames" and dark brown burl outlines
Origin:Northern Europe (specifically between Finland and Russia)
Hardness:Primarily hard
Texture:Smooth texture with occasionally coarse burl "pips"
Finishing:Readily accepts stains and finishes.
Very exclusive wood from slow growing Birch tree with knobs under the surface, only few trees show pattern, very hard and dense, easily workable with all tools, can create an absolutely stunning, one of a kind piece of furniture. It is a very pretty wood which is similar to Burl and Birdseye Maple.Application for premium interior design and furniture, knife handles in Scandinavia.

Other trade names: Birch Burl (GB), Loupe de Bouleau (F), Maser Birche (D), Lupa de Abedul (E)

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