Curly/Tiger Maple

Common Name: Maple
Scientific Name: Acer saccharum
Family: Aceraceae
Color: Creamy white sapwood, light brown heartwood
Origin: North America
Hardness: Primarily hard, though some softer maples do exist
Texture: Fine, closed pore
Finishing: Readily accepts stains and finishes

These curly maple wood veneer sheets are known by many names including "flame", "tiger", and "fiddleback" maple. The figure, which occurs in less than 1 in 25 logs, contains cross-grain shimmering ripples where cell orientation is balanced but uneven. The real beauty of a great curly maple veneer can be seen without any special finish. A penetrating oil finish is usually enough to bring out the chatoyance though some prefer to use a dye stain to further enhance the grain.

Other trade names: Acero Americano Frise' (ITA), Curly Maple (GB, USA), Tiger Maple (GB, USA), Gebratener amerikanischer Stahl (D), Acier américain (F), 美國鋼鐵 (CN), Американская сталь (RU), Aço americano (PT)

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