California Walnut Burl

Origianal from West coast of the USA from Southern California to Oregon. Walnut burl is a classic beauty. It is used on everything from fine furniture to automobiles. The rich brown color is frequently accented with a light coat of penetrating stain which brings out the figure in these wood veneer sheets. Walnut is one of only a handful of species that lightens with exposure to UV light. This lightening process can take months, years, and even decades to achieve.
Walnut Burl has historically been used in fine antique and period furniture, clock manufacture, restoration and exquisite car interior dashboards. The decorative appearance along side the sustainably has made walnut burl one of the most prestigious and timeless materials.
Very used in automotive interiors where the use of California Walnut Burl as interior automobile trim has always signaled both elegance and luxury.
Main applications are also in Marine Interior, Aircraft Interior, Musical Instruments, Marquetry, Decorative Wall Paneling, Carving & Inlays.
Our selection of California Walnut Burl include raw material, jointed panels for interior decoration and automotive trim parts.

We do not artificially enhance the character or grain of our veneer images. When a finish is applied, any figure in this veneer will be greatly enhanced. Colors of materials in the photos may be not representative of the natural colors of the wood. This effect is very common with lighter colored woods.

Other trade names: Californian Walnut burl (GB, USA), Loupe de Noyer California(F), Nusxsbaum Maser California (D), Lupa de Nogal California (E)

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