Laurel burl

Common Name: Laurel Burl, Peruvian Nutmeg, often confused with Myrtle Burl
Scientific Name: lrelia sempevirens or Umbelluria california
Family: Atherospermataceae
Color: Yellow to golden withsome green and occassional grey
Origin: Chile
Texture: Light texture with soft grain lines
Finishing: Readily accepts stains and finishes
Hardness: Somewhat soft
Often subtle, the grain lines in laurel burl wood veneer sheets make it a perfect complement to darker solid wood furniture projects. We've seen projects with laurel burl accents and panels used in conjunction within wenge, walnut, and cherry. The results are always outstanding and it's amazing to see such an understated veneer used to take a project to a whole new level. This veneer could be used on almost any project but it has recently become very popular in high-end automobiles.

Other trade names: Laurel burl (GB), Loupe de Laurel (F), Maser Lorbeer (D), Lupa de Laurel (E)

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