Italian Olivewood

Common Name: Olive Wood
Scientific Name: Olea Europaea L.
Family: Oleaceae
Color: Creamy yellow sapwood, light brown heartwood
Origin: Italy
Hardness: Primarily hard
Texture: Fine, closed pore
Finishing: Readily accepts stains and finishes.
Olive wood is a true masterpiece, a celebration of Italy and being Italian, a product that more than others is a genuine representation of a place and could not originate in any other context. The design of the figure is always unique and artistic, easily identifiable due to the irregular and multicolor vein which sets it apart from other veneers.
Italian Olive Wood is ideal for panels, for doors, in particular for kitchen and interior design sectors.

We do not artificially enhance the character or grain of our veneer images. When a finish is applied, any figure in this veneer will be greatly enhanced. Colors of materials in the photos may be not representative of the natural colors of the wood. This effect is very common with lighter colored woods.

Other trade names: Olivier – Francia
Olive – Gran Bretagna
Olivenbaum - Germania

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