Birdīs Eye Maple

Scientific Name: Acer Saccharum
Family: Aceraceae
Color: creamy white sapwood, light brown heartwood
Origin: North America
Hardness: primarily hard, though some softer maple do exist
Texture: fine, closed pore
Finishing: readily accepts stains and finishes

This is a peeled veneer which generally gives good widths. Colour is a white to cream/yellow. The feature of the veneer looks like water droplets have fallen onto a piece of hard maple or a bird has been pecking at the grain. Little pin knots which when finished bounce back at you almost giving a 3-D quilting effect.
The higher the density of this feature, the higher the price. It is also available in different colours after a secondary dying process.
Birdseye Maple is a common component in private jets, automobiles, musical instruments, architectural panels, kitchen utensils, entertainment centers, picture frames, kitchen cabinets, furniture and jewelry/cigar boxes.

We do not artificially enhance the character or grain of our veneer images. When a finish is applied, any figure in this veneer will be greatly enhanced. Colors of materials in the photos may be not representative of the natural colors of the wood. This effect is very common with lighter colored woods.

Other trade names: Acero americano occhiolinato (I), Bird’s eye maple (GB), Erable moucheté (F), Vogelaugenahorn (D)

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