Madrone Burl

Common name: Madrone
Scientific Name: Arbutus menziesii
Family: Arbutaceae
Color: Pink to reddish brown
Origin: North America (Pacific Northwest from Canada to Mexico)
Hardness: soft
Texture: fine, closed pore
Finishing: readily accepts stains and finishes

Madrone burls grow on the root of the tree and are harvested by removing the tree and roots from the ground. Parts of the burl growth are typically visible from above ground at the base of the tree. The burls figure is usually tight and even and the color is generally consistent across the sheet. The highest grade Madrone burl veneers are used in everything from keepsake boxes to fine automobiles.

We do not artificially enhance the character or grain of our veneer images. When a finish is applied, any figure in this veneer will be greatly enhanced. Colors of materials in the photos may be not representative of the natural colors of the wood. This effect is very common with lighter colored woods.

Other trade names: Madrona burl (GB) , Madrone burl (USA), Loupe de Madrona (F), Madrona Maser (D), Lupa de Madrona (E)

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