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Immediately after the war, Renzo Sforza, an expert in the walnut wood trade, travelled to America, and so began a new business for the European market.

His great passion for finding fine materials brought Renzo’s business to the forefront of the international sphere, while also preserve the qualities of excellence and craftsmanship so typical of the artisanal tradition.

Walnut and Redwood burls, Bird’s Eye Maple and other precious woods are crafted with care for the most discriminating of customers.

In addition to the automotive sector, orders from the shipbuilding and aeronautical industries are continuing to grow. The company offers these businesses, as well as those in the Interior Design sector, bespoke finishes and personalised consulting services for designers and decorators.

Trasfor srl - le Origini

Trasfor services

Cutting to measure

And joining of burls and veneers for the production of panels ready to be fitted on different surfaces.
Thickness 0.55 mm.
Custom measurements.

Dedicated service

of preparation and selection

Supply of fine woods

premium materials that take account of environmental sustainability.

Dyeing of veneers

based on customer coloured sample

For queries of a commercial or technical nature,

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